Our search Methodology

Crystal Hiring Pvt. Ltd. employs a comprehensive, yet streamlined approach, to understand each client's culture, needs and specific position requirements. Each search strategy is customized, addressing the specific needs of the assignment and incorporating best search practices. The process is thorough and systematic. As the process reaches conclusion, we remain closely involved to ensure the interests of all parties are unified.

Our search process generally entails the following steps:

Step 1: Understanding Clients Need

  • The Business
  • Structure and culture
  • Talent Acquisition Needs
  • Job Profile, KRAs   pre-requistes

Step 3: Implementation

  • Screening and Assessment of Candidates
  • Providing list of thoroughly validated profiles
  • Short listing and Arranging for interviews
  • Select, Offer & Closure (rigors follow up with a back up plan)

Step 2: Search Strategy

  • Marker scan
  • Identify Target companies
  • Head hunting / Mapping / Database / References
  • Job Profile, KRAs   pre-requistes
  • Resume Validation
  • Candidate Skill Mapping
  • Relevancy

Step 4: Pre & Post Joining Follow Ups

  • Brief candidates with relevant & helpful information
  • Facilitate the pre joining process
  • Joining formalities
  • Ensuring smooth transition